Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

TB UNIFASHION CORPORATION (hereinafter referred to as "Us" or "We") considers the appropriate handling and safe management of information provided to us as our social responsibility, and consider it the foundation to build a reliable and trusting relationship with our customers.
In order to protect the personal information provided to us, we shall observe laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information, such as the Personal Information Protection Law, and the responsibilities stipulated in the guidelines issued by the competent ministerial authority. We have established the following basic policy and will appropriately handle and protect personal information accordingly.

  1. Acquisition of personal information by legitimate means, notification/ announcement etc. of the purpose of use
    We will define the conditions for the purpose of use and shall acquire personal information (information for a living individual that may identify the individual) by legitimate means, and announce the purpose of use in advance or provide notification or announcement to the customers swiftly after acquiring said information. In the event information is acquired in writing from customers, we shall provide explicit statement in advance (Hereinafter, these measurements shall be included in notification/ announcement etc.).
  2. Use of personal information
    We will use personal information within the range of purpose of use notified/ announced to customers. This does not apply when we have obtained agreement from customers or have handled information as an exception to comply with laws and regulations.
  3. Third party provision of personal information
    We shall not disclose or provide personal data (personal information in the personal information database etc., and personal information database etc. composites of information that include personal information, which is specified by cabinet order to be systematically organized to have specific personal information to be easily searched) to a third party without prior consent from the customer. This does not apply to legal matters that are recognized as exceptional.
  4. Management of personal information
    We exert effort to maintain accurate and up-to-date information within the required range of purpose of use of personal data, and take on necessary and appropriate measures to prevent leaks, loss, damage or unauthorized access. We supervise our employees and consignees for the appropriate management of personal information.
  5. Inquiries regarding the personal data we possess
    In the event we receive a demand for disclosure, notification of the purpose of use, correction or suspension of use of the personal data we have (personal data for which we have authority for disclosure and correction of content, which cabinet order stipulates that the making known the existence of it or not would impair personal or public interest, or data other than that which will be erased within 6 months) from the relevant individual (including proxies), we will check that the demand made at the time was made by the relevant individual based on the laws and regulations and then respond accordingly.
  6. Complaints
    We shall swiftly and appropriately deal with complaints received from the relevant individual in regard to the personal information, and exert effort to establish an internal system for such event.

(Enacted April 1, 2017)

Information concerning matters announced, based on Personal Information Protection Law

TB UNIFASHION CORPORATION (hereinafter referred to as "Us" or "We") shall comply with the Personal Information Protection Law and the following matters will be announced to customers. Customers are asked to see below. (Terms are the same as the Privacy Policy.)


  1. Purpose of use of the personal information
    The personal information of our customers is used for the purposes listed below as noted in <our operations dealing with personal information of customers>.

    (1) Contact during business operation

    (2) Fulfillment of contracts for product and service provision

    (3) Information on and provision of our products and services

    (4) Information about various seminars and exhibitions by us

    (5) Various surveys such as questionnaires

    (6) Responding to inquiries and requests from customers

    (7) In the event of other purpose of use individually, for said purpose of use

    <Our operations dealing with personal information of customers>

    (1) Manufacture, processing and sale of textile goods such as uniforms

    (2) Sale and collection after use of uniforms we have sold

    (3) Surveys related to previous clauses, planning, development and consulting

    (4) Administrative work related to our stocks, shareholders or creditors

    (5) Recruitment and hiring of employees (including dispatch and part-time employees)

    (6) Incidental operation related to previous clauses

  2. Name of personal information handling agent (our company)
  3. Procedure to demand disclosure, information on the purpose of use, revision and suspension of use

    (1) In the event of demand for disclosure and announcement of the purpose of use
    Read <Notes> below, submit the designated application attached with the required documents and place an amount equivalent to the fee (using postage stamps, not cash) into the envelope and send by post to the following address.
    Request for disclosure and information on the purpose of use is accepted only at this location.

    1-20 Shiroshita-cho, Minami-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi 457-0047


    1. Documents to be submitted

      Personal Information Disclosure Application (61kb)

      Personal Information Disclosure Application (32kb)

      *Demand per each application is limited to 3 items.
    2. Document required to confirm the identification of the relevant individual (applicant)
      Please attach one of the documents listed below:

      (1) Certificate of residence or alien registration card

      (2) Certificate of family registry

      (3) Copy of driver license

      (4) Copy of passport

    3. Additional document when the application is submitted by proxy
      To confirm the identity of the proxy, attach (1) and (2) below, and one of the items listed in (3) to (6) below.

      (1) Power of attorney (seal stamped with registered name seal)

      (2) Customer's (disclosure individual) certificate of name seal

      (3) Certificate of residence or alien registration card

      (4) Certificate of family registry

      (5) Copy of driver license

      (6) Copy of passport

    4. Application fee
      Please include the fee below. Note: Do not send cash. Instead send the equivalent amount using postage stamps.
      822 yen per each application (82 yen for standard mail (25g or less), 430 yen for registered mail, 310 yen for proof of delivery)
    5. Method of response to the application
      A response document will be sent to the address (address noted in the attached document) of the applicant (or to proxy) by registered mail with proof of delivery.
    6. For cases in which disclosure and notification of the purpose of use cannot be made
      Disclosure and notification of the purpose of use cannot be complied with in the cases listed below:

      (1) When the required documents are missing or the content is incomplete

      (2) When the identity of the proxy cannot be confirmed (for application by proxy)

      (3) When based on laws and regulations

      (4) When fee listed in 4. is not paid

    7. In the event we do not possess the personal information being applied for We will inform you that we do not have such information.

    (2)In the case of applying for correction and suspension of use
    Based on laws and ordinances, the procedure will be taken at the address below upon confirmation that the applicant is the relevant individual (including proxy).

    1-20 Shiroshita-cho, Minami-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi 457-0047
    TEL: +81-52-819-3555
    Business hours: 8:30am ~ 5:30pm (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

(Enacted April 1, 2017)