Reasons To Choose Us

We propose functionality in
two ways: by giving anti-fouling,
deodorant, and antimicrobial
properties to fabric material and
by designing uniforms that
provide ease of motion.

We design our products so that
we can add “cute and cool” looks to
the desired functionality. We create
design that makes people “want to
wear their uniforms with delight”,
instead of wearing them
out of duty.

Not to mention durability, we deliver
the “best-in-class quality” from
excellence in texture and color of
our fabric material to the degree of
fastness and our stitching

Our achievement in creating uniforms that feature high quality, good design and function.



TBユニファッション トヨタ紡織グループ

We pride ourselves as the company creating uniforms for many Toyota Group companies for years, which proves the trust customers have on our work.
"Delivering all work with the highest level of quality".
This is the policy that we persistently and continue to hold no matter what changes the age may bring.